Do you love volleyball? If you do then Haikyu is the manga series for you. Written by HaruichiFurudate, Haikyu appeared first in Jump NEXT prior to its regular publication in Weekly Shonen Jump. Its first episode appeared in 2012 and so far, 18 volumes of the manga series have been released. Watch Haikyu more at here


The Story

This volleyball manga began with ShoyoHinata watching a volleyball championship match on TV and got inspired with what he saw. He was mesmerized by the moves of the game’s player; a guy named “Little Giant” and decided that he wants to be like him. The problem is,HInata is small. Despite his height problem, Hinata went on to revive their middle school volleyball team and even succeeded in joining a tournament where they lost to the “King of the Court”. Their defeat didn’t weaken Hinata’s resolve to be a volleyball player and even vowed to defeat the “King of the Court” in the future. Will he be able to face the “King of the Court” again?


Haikyu: Manga Series

Since its release in 2012 in Weekly Shonen Jump, Haikyu has sold more than 12 million copes already. Viz Media bought the rights for Haikyu and is in the process of developing its English version, set to be released in North America in 2016.

Haikyu Adaptations

The anime adaptation of Haikyu aired on MBS in April, 2014 and so far has 25 episodes. The anime was produced by Production IG and is available for streaming from Crunchyroll site with English subs. The opening song of the anime series from episode 1 to 13 was performed by Spyair while the ending song was performed by Nico Touches the Walls. For the second season of the anime series, the opening song was changed from Sypair’s Imagination to I’m a Believer.

In November, 2012, a radio drama adaptation of Haikyuaired on TV Tokyo’sSakiyomiJum-Bang Program.

Haikyu Characters

ShoyoHinata – is student who falls in love with volleyball after seeing a championship match on TV. He revived their volleyball club in middle school to taste his first tournament defeat. He then vowed that he will defeat the star player of the team who defeated them – the “King of the Court”. When he entered Karasuno High School, he became part of their volleyball team due to his jumping ability. Currently, he is a middle blocker.

TobioKageyama – is the “King of the Court” whom Hinata vowed to defeat someday. Kageyama happened to be volleyball of Karasuno High School and Hinata’s teammate. He calls Hinata an “idiot” although he now slowly understands the importance of his teammates in winning a game.

Watch Haikyu with trailer at here:

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